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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this is a scene of a shooting outside a wal-mart on this black friday. i'll have details in after live report. i'm bob redell live in the south bay where black friday is looking more like black thursday as many retailers decide to open on midnight, thanksgiving. we'll have that story coming up. and one bay area charity decides to give thanks to a last-minute donation from a tv celebrity. and we give you a live look outside on this black friday. try to lighten things up in san francisco.
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looking and feeling good. it is friday, november 25th, tht "today in the bay." very good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> the sky is in a giving mood around the bay area this morning. we have light rain across parts of napa county and over on the peninsula you can see misty sky ls. this is a weak weather system. but later on patchy clouds. should see temperatures in the low 60s and then trending warmer with morning fog through the weekend. >> all right, rob. we have breaking news to start you off with in the east bay where there was a shooting
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outside the wal-mart. we have all the latest details. good morning, monty. >> reporter: john, good morning. we are expecting to get more details in a few minutes. this parking lot outside the wal-mart has been taped off. and just beyond the stop sign, there are clothes on the pavement. we're told by police those clothes belong to the victim in this shooting. now here's what happened. at 1:45 this morning san leandro police responded to shots fired. when officers arrived they found a man shot in the parking lot. he was taken to a nearby hospital. and his condition is unknown this morning. police tell us the shooter then fled the scene and is still at large. investigators are in the process of interviewing witnesses, people who were see and saw what happened. police tell us this stemmed from a fight in the parking lot. at this point they don't know what the fight is about.
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it is black friday. wal-mart has been open all night long. the store remains open at the early hour. most of the parking lot, as you can see, has been roped off and closed. a motive is not clear. police are not offering a vehicle description or license plate number. we're just about to get an update from the police where we hope to have more information soon. thank you for the update. >> continuing in the black friday theme and all the festivities that go along with it, many shoppers have been out for hours by now, believe it or not. bob redell is live in san jose where things are relatively calm, is that right, bob? >> yeah, they are. good morning, marla. we're here at the best buy in san jose. we still have people out there. but they opened at midnight. the that's a change. like other retailers they dec e
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decided to get the early, early birds. it was under his impression there were many more people at midnight compared to last year at 5:00 a.m. he was saying 2,700, or $2,900. those type of items are gone for the most part. there's still other deals to be found. can i talk to you real quick? you been up since what time? >> 12:00. >> midnight. and you've been hitting different stores. has it been worth it this year? >> kind of. kind of not. >> you're lukewarm. why? >> we got better deals. >> what are you getting? >> some dvds. since i came in, i thought, what the heck. >> happy thanksgiving. what about you, sir? how much will you save? >> $400.
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>> $100. >> once a year. exciting. this is like $99 right here. >> $99 for a dvd player that normally cost you $100. >> i think it's usual i $195. how long have you had to wait? >> i just got here. you can see the line has diminished. consumerism at the finist. >> local merchants are hoping you'll spend today shopping at small businesses. downtown oakland will pull out all the stops ads part of keep downtown in the black campaign.
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the festivities start at 11:00 on 14th and broadway and continue doub. for a list of participating businesses visit >> if you're not into braving the black friday crowds. consider taking part of small business saturday. there's a couple of advantages of smalling small businesses this holiday season. instead of the big box stores. due to this increased popularity oaf of these small businesses. >> according to american express, small businesses do
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need some help. they account for 11% less than than they did 20 years ago. a public vigil will be held for the 19-year-old marine killed in afghanistan. they will hold a tribute to joshua at 7:30 tomorrow night. this is video held for him tuesday night. he died last friday during combat operations in the province. so far there are no details on funeral plans. this will continue today. they were donated by ryan scott and his team. more than 600 volunteers spent
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yesterday serving 5,000 thanksgiving meals. >> good morning. you'll want a nice coat with you or buy one. san francisco a little bit of misty skies. 51 degrees. southeast breeze picking up at 3 miles per hour. so 30s and 40s outside right now. but we're also watching a few clouds and a few sprinkles in parts of mainly the north bay and coast. later on today what's left of the fog inland will break up, and the weekend looks pretty good. we'll see temperatures climbing up through sunday. right now you can see a few light showers toward napa county and into the delta. a few more along the coast and in the peninsula. not really enough to wet the coast on the golden gate bridge. in san jose a few sprinkles drifting through the santa clara county.
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in the afternoon, hazy sunshine and a few patchy clouds. should see highs in the 60s. as we go through the weekend fog is really the only concern. morning fog and inland temperatures making a run at the mid-60s. christmas season is around the corner. old oak tree lighting ceremony. the event begins at 5:15. they'll have local entertainers including the high school chorus. they will hold the parade of lights and winter wonderland. snow celebration and tree lighting.
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kristi yamaguchi will be on hand to hip with the 3d light spectacul spectacular. bring an unwrapped toy at 4:00. and in the south bay, stop by san jose's christmas in the park for the annual tree lighting. you may catch a glimpse of our own mike inouye. the ceremony starts at 5:30. the tree will be lit at 6:15. this has been held up for more than 30 years now. it almost did not happen this year. local spas stepped up and donated $70,000. >> very nice. the time is 4:40 right now. the latest bay area county to consider charging you every time you go to the store. plus a new budget idea.
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and the har-bowl is in the books. we'll chel you which brother between these two came out on top. plus, snow in the sierras. wai ut omro rob if there will be fresh powder soon.
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welcome back, everybody. 4:43. we're giving you a live look at sfo all lit up on this black friday.
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there's a long list of fast cash ideas floating around the state capitol this morning. a private investment group pushing to sell off 11 properties for $1.2 billion in immediate cash. it would include the earl warren building in san francisco, which houses the state supreme court. the sacramento "b" reports the money would come from public bonds instead of private equity firms. the state would take back the properties after 30 years. the governor already rejected the plan twice. in alameda county the phrase byob may have a new meaning. bring your own bag. they will force retailers to pay 10 cents per bag. they have reusable bags. they could include plastic bags, but they're thicker and more
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durable than standard ones used now. while americans took the day off for thanksgiving, was trading. for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to jackie deangeles at cnbc headquarters. good black friday. >> good morning to you, too. futures are lower as investors focus on europe. markets in the red. after comments about arranging the debt crisis. moody's downgraded hungary today. this following a disappointing bond auction on thursday. now the markets are only open half a day, but we did see the
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dow fall 236 points on wednesday. the nasdaq losing 61 points to 2460. and mortgage rates have been flipping again, freddie mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan sells to 3.98% from 4% the previous week. rates have been below 5% for two week this is year. they are not translating into higher home sales or refinancing. this could be the worst year for home sales in 14 years. high unemployment and small wage gains are making it harder for people to qualify for the loans. and finally at&t may be moving closer to scrapping the $39 billion takeover of t-mobile. they are withdrawing the fcc application to focus on trying to win anti-trust approval. regulators say it will reduce competition and result in massive job losses. at&t saying it's going to take a $4 billion charge if the deal falls apart.
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back to you. thank you very much. >> skiing just in time for thanksgiving. thanksgiving day was opening day at sugar bowl ski resort in tahoe. one called it perfect. it's soft and wet and not powdery is not their idea of a good time. only one lift was open at sugar bowl. about 250 people bought tickets. many years there's not enough snow. of course. by this time, 80% of the resort was open. let's take a look at the forecast. >> we hope to get a little more snow than yesterday.
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a dry san jose right now. 42 degrees. including san francisco. a little bit of mist and drizzle. for more headlines, we have a weak system causing a few north bay showers and maybe a few sprinkles for the rest of the morning. then changing over to partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. and our weekend temperatures will start to climb on up. here's the system. almost impossible to find it on the satellite. it's a weak boundary providing enough lift to give us sprinkles in the north bay toward napa county and fairfield. there you see the light rain on the coast around highway 1 and down towards the south bay. right around the santa cruz mountains you will find light rain this morning. the future cast is picking up more fog as opposed to rain
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drops. we get high pressure inland that tends to act like a fog machine. this is the main concern towards the weekend with high pressure building in. it will put the fog to the east bay valleys and probably to the north bay. o so the mornings start off with some fog, but the afternoon is looking pretty good on sunday. throughout the bay area, temperatures in the low 60s around san jose. close to 60 in san francisco. a few sprinkles for the morning. partly cloudy for the afternoon. an easy drive to the sierra. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. look for mid-60s inland after morning fog clears and the dry forecast all the way through at least thursday of next week. back to you. appreciate it, rob. along with the good vibrations, thanksgiving can be a day when, let's face it, maybe there's a little family tension out there. you know what i'm talking about. but they took it to another level. how football took a backseat to the bigger story line.
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and then cutting over to john harbaugh on the other. on thanksgiving night in prime time the nfl wanted to make this a family affair. it doesn't happen too often. >> on the football field, no less. and the the fans at the old w tar wagon saloon in downtown san jose. >> it's a rivalry that nobody planned on. >> the harbaugh family was at the game. so they were together anyway. >> they probably knew what they signed up for with the football coaches. for them it's probably like having a family get together. both teams reflect their coaches and their philosophy.
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and on this night brother john was better than his brother. >> final score on that one. in case you missed it. the first ends 16-6, ravens win it. 4:51 now. a few black friday sales for the sports fan in your family. details are coming up. and 40 beagles from a research lab. we'll have their story of freedom up next. i love teaming with the best
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that's why i'm here, at st. jude children's research hospital. our research has changed the way the world treats brain tumors, leukemia and sickle cell. we help kids all across america. now, these kids have hope... and a sense of humor. where did you get this color? it's natural. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass.
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we're giving you a live look at the bay bridge. some cars making their way -- probably to the center for early morning shopping. we'll check the forecast in just a moment. let's call this one a second chance at life, a first chance at freedom. 40 beagles rescued in spain arrived at lvpt a.x. yesterday. they spent their entire lives in a lab. most have never seen the sun. los angeles is the first stop at freedom. others more than now they're
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headed to foster homes in l.a. this is part of the beagle freedom project. the pups will be up for adoption. they could all have homes by christmas. black friday usually takes place in malls and tremendous tail outlets. there are a few places you might not think of. for example, the giants are putting tickets for next season on sale today. these are single game tickets. not season tickets gsz or game packs. that go on sale at 10:00 this morning. you can buy them hat the dugout store or online at check out the sale at the sharks store. it runs from 10:00 to 4:00 today. in case you missed it, we
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figured we would show you one bay area high school's biggest performance yet. the marching band is taking part in the thanksgiving day parade. of course; the big time crowd. they were selected as one of ten bands. the band made up of 250 members. only ten of them have ever been to new york city before that. the time is 4:56. black friday is in full force this morning. bob redell out at one store that's already packed. >> plus, not everyone is playing nice. they shop for christmas deals. the woman who pulled out pepper spray at a wal-mart store.
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that story is coming up. and we give you a tip on how to pick the perfect christmas tree from the experts. >> for all your news, weather and traupdates check us on facebook.
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stores are opening up several hours early for black friday. and some get a thanksgiving give from police. what the officers donated. ampblts and >>pblts.


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